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Position Post-Doc
Academic department People & Organizations
Short Bio

Marija Roglic, a postdoctoral scholar at the COAST Chair since 2022, works on transdisciplinary research designs  for system-based Theories of Change supporting the  EU Green Deal. Her involvement extends to systems-based education for inclusive and innovative management , specifically within the EU LEADER Programme. She collaborates with professionals in the agri-food sector  and local action groups across English, French, and Croatian speaking empirical contexts .

Her research focuses on  strategic management practices and processes  within multi-stakeholder and multi-scalar organizations, emphasizing sustainability and resilience in complex systems. Utilizing action research and mixed-methods designs, she explores these themes, leveraging her interdisciplinary background in management studies, business finance, information sciences, anthropology  and philology to bridge disciplines and drive actionable research.

Her work has influenced EU policy on high-nature value farmland  and Croatian legislation on island development. In 2018 she earned the Eiffel Award  and in 2023, the Organization Studies (OS) & SAGE Student Paper Societal Impact Award.

Before entering academia, she spent five years as the executive director of a multistakeholder organization. In this role, she played a crucial part in establishing the organization as a significant force for development in southern Croatia, receiving special  recognition from LAG5’s Governing Board  during her tenure.

Selected intellectual contributions

MIKELIC-PRERADOVIC, N., M. CALIC, M. ROGLIC - "Digital Empowerment of rural Communities through Service Learning in Croatia. In Jonhnson J. & Harmon H. (Eds), Handbook of Rural and Remote Education" - 2024, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham

MEYER, M., M. MARAIS, M. ROGLIC, "Manager par le "care", un puissant levier de transformation des organisations.", The Conversation, July 2023, vol. July, no. 2023, pp. /

ROGLIC, M., "How participation regimes shape the implementation of the LEADER programme.", European Local Innovation Forum, April 2023

ROGLIC, M., D. DENTONI, C. CUCCHI, X. EXTERNE2, X. EXTERNE3, X. EXTERNE4, "Systems thinking, mapping and change in food and agriculture." Forthcoming Bio-Based & Applied Economics

ROGLIC, M., F. PALPACUER, D. LACERDA, "Playing the Scales: A Strategy Adopted by Resistance Coalitions for Public Value Creation" Forthcoming Organization

Research themes

Sustainable strategy and business model, Change management, Research methodology, Organization theory - Agriculture, forestry and fishing, Public administration and defence; compulsory social security

Teaching disciplines

Entrepreneurship, Research methodology, Sustainable development and social responsibility, Organizations

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